TRASNA is an online bibliography of Irish literature in translation, currently containing over 12,000 bibliographic references. The database is the first comprehensive record of literature in translation, and as such, is intended to provide a basis for the analysis and interpretation of the fortunes of Irish literature in the different languages of the world.

TRASNA represents a landmark initiative in the exploration of the influence and presence of Irish literature in the non-Anglophone world, a dimension that has often been neglected in Irish studies, due to the absence of comprehensive and reliable bibliographical information.

The database should act as a valuable tool for students, teachers and researchers of Irish culture and of modern languages; for the study of comparative literature and of cross-cultural reader responses and for all those with an interest in why a particular Irish work was translated into a particular language at a particular time.

TRASNABIO is a database of biographical information on translators who have been involved in translating Irish literature into other languages. An individual webpage is dedicated to each translator’s biography.

Both databases are available online at

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