CTTS/ADAPT presents five research papers at EST 2016

CTTS/ADAPT Researchers from DCU presented five research papers at the EST Conference in Aarhus 2016. Some of the attendees are pictured below (left to right: Joss Moorkens, Carlos Teixeira, Sharon O’Brien, Silvia Rodríguez Vázquez and Pat Cadwell).

20160917_140536927_iosThe titles of the papers presented were as follows:

  • Pat Cadwell, Sheila Castilho and Sharon O’Brien: “The Impact of Ergonomic Factors in Machine Translation Adoption Among Translators in the European Commission’s Directorate General of Translation”
  • Carlos Teixeira and Sharon O’Brien: “Recent Advances in Translation Tools from a Cognitive Ergonomic Perspective”
  • Silvia Rodríguez Vázquez: “How to Successfully Localise Images on the Web for the Blind? An Experimental Study”
  • Antonio Toral and Andy Way: “Pilot on Machine-Assisted Translation of Novels with Post-Editing”
  • Sharon O’Brien: “Shifting Paradigms in Translation Technology and Tehir Impact on Translation (Studies)”

A great conference overall!

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